“Aaron has shown great competency in his training capabilities as well as being a multi-talented musician. He does all the above with absolute humility, transparency and eagerness. I have found sincerity in his mentorship towards me, which in turn has developed into a genuine friendship.”

Pamela Lee
Worship Leader, Guitarist, Keyboardist, Wedding Singer)

“I remembered the first session of our consultation was not a mentor to mentee discussion but a heart to heart talk about God’s goodness and calling to serve.

Aaron is someone who believes in you. An encourager, Aaron helps me to continue to serve in spite of discouragement and hesitation. The consultation also helped me deepen my personal relationship with God, grow in the image of Christ, and prepare me to become most usable for the ministry. In addition, Aaron helped me to establish my visions and goals for both myself and the Worship Team.

Thanks a lot Bro for your time and sharing to make all sessions meaningful by
God’s grace.”

Ferdie Yunzal,
Worship Director, Singapore Christian Canaan Church