Aaron as a Musician

“My first gig with Aaron took place in early 2013 at a private function, alongside with a local vocalist, Matthew Quek. Aaron is a good & sensitive pianist with a passion for music and has great potential to become an exceptional pianist. 


Aaron‘s experience in leading worship teams has given him a strong foundation in music. I believe he will be able to contribute to the local music scene. Aaron is also very friendly and sensitive to others when he plays, which I think is a rare quality to have as a musician.” 


Teo Boon Chye
Endorser & Wind Artist of YAMAHA saxophone since 2011 and 2005 respectively


“Aaron is a professional and highly accomplished keyboardist. His work ethic is nothing short of superb and he puts in his absolute best in all his undertakings. It has been a joy working with him and I would definitely love to continue our musical collaboration over the long term.”

Matthew Quek
Vocal Performer and Consultant

“Aaron is an anointed and dedicated musician. Very skillful in his instruments and has the ability to always bring down the presence of God and lead people to the throne of God.  A key musician that I will always bring along for my worship tours in Asia.”

Andrew Yeo
Pastor, The City Church
Integrity Asia Artiste